I run a business now :OOO ?

2017-01-06 11:22:20 by Blordow

I recently started up Blordow Multimedia in December 2016.

My first gigs have been designing for Twitch partners, it's been fun work. I've utilized all my skills in music production, animation and design and look forward to branching out more this year.

In other news, I put out a little short called the mail lady a couple weeks back

And I just finished drawing and coloring this Aussie Bogan Junkrat Skin concept.

Well that's about it from me for now, if anyone remembers who I am COOL :)


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2017-01-06 21:33:58

Cool dude thats so rad!

Blordow responds:

cheers man!


2017-01-07 15:08:53

I remember who you are. In fact, that mail lady 'rap' still gets stuck in my head from time to time.

Blordow responds:

ha thanks!!!


2017-01-11 15:59:44

Congrats on the hopefully lucrative business opening! I suppose you've been freelancing quite a while already though? Was it all via NG before?

Blordow responds:

I only really did the odd freelance job here and there, but now I have to actively seek out freelance gigs each month. Thanks.


2017-04-19 01:51:29

That's the dream. Best of luck man, stay positive