Transforming a sketch into a flash background

2014-07-13 10:36:23 by Blordow

Today I did a live stream of myself turning a sketch into a background in flash. It's 6 and half hours of work condensed into a 4 minute video.

It's for one of my biggest cartoons I've done thus far, so naturally I am putting a lot of effort into it. Still won't be done for awhile but hopefully it'll be worth the wait!

if you want to catch me livestreaming, just follow me on any of my social media links :)





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2014-07-13 15:15:07

Spectacular! You should upload it to the art portal so we can see a bigger version of it!!
Good luck with your project! Looks like it's gonna be awesome!

Blordow responds:

I will upload a lot of the backgrounds I've done for it once I am finished and thank you :D