Who has Big Projects?

2014-03-08 22:42:51 by Blordow

I've been working on a big project and it'll most likely be shit, but some people might find it funny so that's ok, but i hate the process however I find visualizing the day I finish it to be a rewarding feeling, i think we all have that seem feeling right? or am I wrong and people just do shit for money and a cheap laugh I dunno 420 blaze it faggot i spild me coffee but at least i still have my sandwich


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2014-03-09 00:28:35

Pretty much.


2014-03-09 01:03:17

I've got big projects and bot is it tough I work 40 hours a week so big project takes me over a year or so to finish I hate it such a wageslave I want 2 get the big prize but it takes so long and I worry sometimes hope this helps

Blordow responds:

do you REALLY need to work that much? : (


2014-03-09 05:33:28

Thanks for the plug maaaaaayn!

Blordow responds:



2014-03-09 12:27:41

Ive been working on my moody mindchamber story on and off for almost 10 years...probably will never be finished, and if it does, it will be too dark and 80s inspired for anyone under 30 to appreciate..
Does that count :/

Blordow responds:

lol sure why not!


2014-03-10 02:54:28

Maybe not but I feel like right now with the wages I make if I dont then something bad will happen like we wont have enough money for some kinda shit. Sucks bro but thats the way it is. I finally finished my Demo reel tho so I got that goin for me.

Blordow responds:

just do what you can man do what ya gotta do, our dreams are realistic, but they require hard work and a shit tonne of patience.


2014-03-10 08:17:15

I am currently making my first flash game. Don't know if that is considered "big" but for me it is.
I swear, 2 weeks ago I couldn't write a single line in actionscript. I decided to give it another try and what can I tell you, it is going well so far. Surprisingly I haven't gave up and said screw it like I always do (for now at least). The process is not so bad, I'm actually learning a lot and I like it. Visualizing however..let's say I prefer staying focused on what I currently have. I hate finding out the final product is nothing like what I saw in my head :P

Blordow responds:

the process is usually fun once i am in the zone, just getting myself in the zone though, that can be the tricky part.