2013-08-21 05:24:58 by Blordow

of a toon that still has a lot of work to do but thought id give a video update and a bit of a looksie into it and maybe generate some sort of hype like yeah right

anyway wish me the best of luck or else ill fuckin blow this fuckin old ladies fuckin head off


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2013-08-21 16:34:49

Haha, what the hell. Good luck, man.

Blordow responds:

lol thx


2013-08-21 22:44:13

Can I wish you luck and still have you blow the old lady's head off?

Blordow responds:



2013-08-24 23:03:34

It seems really well done. I'll definitely watch Salty Swamp when it comes out. Good luck to ya!

Blordow responds:

Thanks hopefully you are notified when it comes out!


2013-08-29 16:16:10

Looking great Blordow! Man, you've got quite a unique vision. Like a Tim Burton on drugs kind of a style (if he isn't already, ha!). And I mean in that as a compliment, as Burton, regardless of what people think of him, is quite the visionary... unique and warped, and altogether creative and artistic. Definitely you. Will be looking forward to how this turns out.

Blordow responds:

Thanks man that means a lot!