2 Voice Actor roles left for my cartoon!

2013-07-20 05:27:26 by Blordow

Ok guys, it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted about roles for my toon. I have filled 2 positions since then and now there are only 2 spots left! These guys are very important characters and have been the trickiest to fill in.

Watch this for an example of their old voices - as a guideline:

If you're interested I am looking for people who are fast, professional and reliable. Preferably contactable through skype as well if chosen.

Send all auditions to shaunmcglinn@gmail.com and be sure to label your audition with your username and the character/s you are auditioning for.

Style: Smartass / Cheeky / Attitude / Subtle Sarcastic
Vocal Range: Between High and Mid Range
Line: So you're the hero of the village sarge? Then uhh where abouts did this all happen?
Line 2:Look man I'm not trying to be a wise guy when I say this but it was either cook or be cooked...

Style: Husky / Gravelly / Croaky
Vocal Range: Mid Range
Line: And uhhh boss... I also heard they were taking a trip, to the sacred village.
Line 2: Boss I heard from someone once that hesitation means no.

Thanks and goodluck!

2 Voice Actor roles left for my cartoon!


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2013-07-20 09:40:49

I am interested...

Blordow responds:

k cool!


2013-07-20 10:47:37

I'll probably try this out tonight.

Blordow responds:



2013-07-20 11:42:24

I'll give them another shot now that I've heard their old voices.

Blordow responds:

i like your persistence :)


2013-07-20 15:08:38

I'll give it a shot!


2013-07-20 15:21:46

Er, scratch that, my mic is on the fritz.

Blordow responds:

oh ok


2013-07-22 21:13:14

Just sent ya an audition for both.

Blordow responds:



2013-07-23 21:31:22

Does it have to sound close to their older voices or could we try our own spin on it?

Blordow responds:

You can try your own spin for sure, I put up examples of how they used to sound so people can get a general idea of their personalities as well as how they used to sound for a reference if they wanted to try and get close to how they sounded.


2013-07-25 01:25:55

im interested.
i dont have a demo reel, but you just watch my videos as a reference.

Blordow responds:

yeah that's cool, i'm only judging from auditions though, it's the only way I can decide by how well people portray the characters :)


2013-07-25 22:57:38

Hey, would you still accept my application even though I'ma girl? I have a low enough voice people mix me up as a guy sometimes.

Blordow responds:

Yes I am more than happy to accept girls. A lot of girls can do better / creative male voices than males themselves :)


2013-07-25 23:44:41

Sent an audition a minute ago.


2013-07-27 17:13:06

hey my voice sounds like a chipmunk so do you have like a small character or something?


2013-08-03 11:16:37

lemme be kraunge!