i made a mario toon dodoododooodo

2013-05-21 09:31:47 by Blordow

its been just about 10 years since i've joined NG and started using flash.

SO i had this urge to make a mario toon for oldtimes sake.
click this to see it

i couldn't get the quality 100% how it originally looks exported, but it will do. Some colour correction issues when I uploaded, etc.

i wanna do some more short stuff like this, see how I go. I am still waiting on voice actors for an original toon I've been wanting to start since march. sighhh. ENJOY

i made a mario toon dodoododooodo


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2013-05-21 11:00:41

i will do all your voices in one monotonous voice, it will be beautiful. also great toon. thumbs up!

Blordow responds:

what huh where how why thanks


2013-05-22 21:32:42

just noticed the sprie diapers painting. classic.