2013-04-21 22:57:01 by Blordow

I am always hesitant to make frontpage posts,

just put up a little toon I made in a few days for 4/20. check it out here

I would of uploaded it on 4/20 but NG was having uploading issues, and seems like they still are. Thumbnails aren't showing up, and I was left hanging on "checking for title" when I tried uploading it the other night.


I am still waiting on my voice actors for my cartoon 'salty swamp' to send lines to me so I can animate this thing. The more I wait the more I am losing motivation, it's been 2 months since I casted voice actors for it, and in between those 2 months I have been having the shittiest life circumstances happen, and only just found a new place to rent. I am trying to stay positive about everything but I can't help but feel like my life will never turn out the way I want it to. GRRRR, why is it so hard for creative folks to make a living being creative? Why is it so hard for me to just give it up and try something else even after all the signs tell me hardly no one gives a shit what I make anyway. I DUNNO, I AM RANTING NOW.

If I get my lines anytime soon, I will pump out this cartoon as fast as humanly possible. I feel if it doesn't go as well as I thought (like usual) than it will be time for me to move on from my early childhood fantasy, which was fucking Pamela Anderson. Yes I was a horny young lad, needless to say my other childhood fantasy was to become a cartoonist.



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2013-04-23 10:19:36

mmm i am so broke, off of work for medical reasons for awhile now, still can't go back, really don't wanna go back to that shit though, after working 10 years between farming and the auto industry I just wanna sit back down, actually focus on being an artist, building my skills. Can't really do that when you work 50+ hour weeks slaving for a company that's getting rich off your hard labour who is still gunna expect you to devote all your time to them with no real incentives or opportunities to move up.

Some one give this muthafucka a nice tip for all those toons he made and will make, we should seriously have a button on every artist page that says "Donate $1" and have some easy to use system that makes use of the ad rev system, and paypal or something. Would be a really cool way to support your favorite artists I think.

Blordow responds:

I know that feeling you're talking about. That's exactly why I haven't worked for any company for a few years. I was becoming physically sick as well doing a job I hated doing and not being appreciated one bit. I'd only ever work for a company again if it were with like minded people, doing something I love, having equal value and awarded properly for their contribution.

I've had a paypal button on my website for awhile but no one visits my site, and no one has ever donated anyway. But I think if it were on NG, it would work out a little better. There would be more of an incentive for people to donate to their fav artists. However it might bring more of a competitive attitude to NG, which could totally throw off a lot of creativity here. Ultimately I'd just like to have a fanbase who like watching my stuff. I'd love to have more and more people tune in but I know it takes a lot of work!


2013-04-23 17:30:00

hang in there champ *passes blunt*

Blordow responds:

Thanks bro, I needed that :O


2013-04-27 14:36:52

I understand how you feel...
I would rather go into filming and what not, but it doesn't pay.
I got a science degree in college because it pays...i actually hated studying for it.
Now I have to go into pharmaceuticals or some medical field just so I can make money.
Hopefully I'll be able to do what I love after I save up.

Hope you'll get through your tough times (you could start a kickstarter for funding)

Also, if you need voice actors, I'm willing to give it a try.
Give me a try-out and you can see if you like it or not.