Casting Voice Actors for Salty Swamp

2013-02-04 19:52:42 by Blordow

Hi Guys, some of you may know my work, or some may not. Regardless I am looking for talented voice actors to play a vital part in the next episode of Salty Swamp and for future episodes! I have a few months off and I want to pump it out.

If you haven't heard of Salty Swamp check out some of the episodes here:
Salty Swamp
Salty Swamp Cops
Salty Swamp: Sarge Vlogs

^ Please watch some of these to get an idea of how some of the characters sound ^

Alternatively, you can also check out my more recent toons to get you more on

I have both of my old voice actors on board; Dmac and Jerma, who I am very privileged to have. But unlike last time, I am spreading out the roles and opening the door to other voice actors who want to get their name out there or just want more content they can add to their portfolio's.

Current Roles Available:

The Cast (with vocal lines for auditions):

Sargeant Benedine Binkleton (1st Main Cop): Jerma

Bill (2nd Tall Lanky Cop): ---
Style: Slight Speech Impediment / Semi Deep Voice / Dim Witted
Line: "I can never tell when you're serious Sarge, I mean if you are, I am still willing to play cops and robbers"

Putic (3rd Smaller Cop): ---
Style: Smart ass / Punk / Cheeky
Line: "I REALLY believe you Sarge, but hey just out of curiosity, where 'bouts did this all happen?"

Professor: Jerma

Loke (Green Croc): ---
Style: Casual / Easy going / Friendly
Line: "Hey professor, we heard about a mysterious village near by, thinking me and Dron will go check it out."

Dron (Blue Croc): Dmac

Batch (The Boss): ---
Style: Humorous / Precise / Deep Voice (please avoid editing pitch)
Line: "Please, let me introduce you to my associates...this is Kraunge... deadly, cunning and ferocious. And this, Is George Anthony Michael Stevenson...or for short, Rash..."

Rash (dumb teal henchman): Jerma

Kraunge (orange lizard henchman): ---
Style: Raspy / Rigid / Cunning
Line: "And uhhh boss... I also heard they were taking a the sacred village"

Sacred Fish: ---
Style: Wacky / Aggressive / Emotional
Line: "For once in my life I had someone respect and love me... and in an instant, it was all ripped away FROM ME! ...give me my BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!"


Mrs Fish: ---
Style: Depressed / Marriage on the rocks / Unattractive
Line: "Honey?... what do ya want for dinner? All we got is leftover horse shit"

Intercom Voice: ---
Style: Mysterious / Ancient
Line: "All those who wish to enter the Wooshulondri village must present the all powerful sacred password."

Choluk: ---
Style: Prehistoric / Mumbo Jumbo
Line: "unga BUNGA" etc...

* This list will be updated as parts become filled.

If you're interested in any of these roles please contact me on here, or add me on SKYPE: blordow. Or if you are done with auditioning, email the auditions to or somewhere else I can easily listen to. Try not to send me 50+ mb files though as I have a cap and would prefer not to sit around waiting all day just to hear you guys!

Feel free to audition with the lines provided or make up something. I am open to everyone having a go, but don't feel too bad if I don't pick you. I appreciate everyone who gives it a go. I am looking for original voices with character, and great sound quality. Studio Mics are your friends :)

This is an ambitious project which I've always wanted to take off the ground. This is all apart of me continuing projects, picking up where I left off and finishing them. I have been working hard on it and hope to have it finished within a few months time.


THE PIC BELOW IS OF THE MAIN CAST, I recommend watching some of the episodes to get an idea of how some of the characters used to sound.

Thanks and if you know of any talented voice actors, be sure to send them this way! Good luck and let's do this!

Casting Voice Actors for Salty Swamp


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2013-02-04 20:09:10

SALTY I can't wait :) I actually got tingly feelings when you brought it up.
I love my D-Mac-kun and Jerma-senpai.

Kawaii forever...

Blordow responds:



2013-02-04 20:13:26

I'll send you something soon.

Blordow responds:

awesome, have fun with it!


2013-02-04 20:24:22

I'd be up for trying out. I'll send auditions soon! :)

Blordow responds:



2013-02-04 21:07:43

I'll totally send you some auditions for this~

Here's a link to my demo as well:


2013-02-04 21:07:43

I'll totally send you some auditions for this~

Here's a link to my demo as well:

Blordow responds:

Wow that really impressed me, very versatile. Can't wait to hear what you can do.


2013-02-05 01:41:32

I'll be sure to send in an audition!

Blordow responds:

woo! get on it :)


2013-02-05 17:42:51

A hit in the making.

Blordow responds:

I'd love to think so


2013-02-05 19:41:36

Sounds awesome, I'll have to send an audition your way for sure.

Blordow responds:



2013-02-05 19:55:11

I'm sick now, but I'll put something in ASAP.

Blordow responds:

dont use sickness as an excuse, channel your inner voice and break past the illusion that you're sick, orrrrr just wait until your cold goes away whatever floats ya boat