End of Year Reflection :)

2012-12-13 00:42:50 by Blordow

Long ass post coming right up. Just a reflection of some of the stuff I've submitted to NG this year. Not expecting a response, this is more so just another diary entry to look back on.

Well it's not quite the end of the year yet, but fuck it. It's been a somewhat more positive year this year for me, productive wise. I hadn't submit anything to NG since 2009, 2012 has been somewhat of an "awakening phase" for me. However I still feel I haven't made much progress and I feel I have a long way to go if I ever want to be successful. I have yet to find my niche and I have just kept at it despite all the self doubt and bitterness I have had throughout the year.

Let's start with my first submission to NG this year

The Sniper Destroys Fads

Uploaded January 25th: It was made due to the amount of "bronies" invading team fortress 2. Spamming their beloved show in game. I played tf2 a lot and it got to me so much that I made a quick toon about it.

Wannabe Videogame Commentators

Uploaded February 12: Around this time I wasted my time watching Seananners, a popular video game commentator on youtube. I noticed how everyone would spam his comment section in every video he uploaded, with comment spam, pleading people to check out their channels. It got me so frustrated that people these days go to these lengths just to get a couple of views. I've always thought if your work was good enough it would get the attention, so I made a little something about the spam. I don't know why these things get to me, but they just do.

Pico's Prize Surprise

Uploaded April 28th: My first ever Pico day submission. I entered this year because I knew hardly anyone else would. Mainly because Tom announced that there would be no prizes this year, so I thought I'd make a quick toon about just that. Not many people got it, but I thought it was pretty obvious. I saw Tom watch it live and he got a little chuckle out of it.

Job Care

Uploaded May 17th: Job Care, probably one of my best toons this year. My frustration towards job agencies and how they don't care about what you're passionate about. I am still unemployed to this day, I don't plan on getting a job anytime soon. I have been struggling to get by all year and I fear that I will be cut from the benefit system very soon. I live off very little money, but I stand by my choices. So If you don't see me around next year it's because I will be homeless or dead.

Roots Valid

Uploaded July 24th: A play on words "Fruit Salad" by the Wiggles. A popular kid's band in Australia. "Root" is slang for fuck in Australia. I thought it would get a reaction and would make some people laugh, but it didn't really :P Was fun to make though.

True Medicine

Uploaded August 20: My love for marijuana made me make this video. Everything we need to cure disease and sickness is obtainable within nature. Man made chemicals and pills are not the answer. I am very passionate about this.

Pokemon Satire Version

Uploaded September 10: Back to the bitterness and frustration that people were constantly making pokemon parodies and most likely getting money due to the amount of views and popularity of these things. Seems people don't do them for fun anymore, it's about the money and views using popular references. I never found one parody funny, except for maybe Hi5 toons Pikachu on Acid.

Vanity Versus Visionary

Uploaded October 8th: I started this back in late 2008, However I only completed the opening scene where it zooms in. The rest was created this year! I created the score awhile back and felt the toon needed to be completed. It's about how girls go for looks and muscle rather than creativity or people with a real vision. In the end she realizes what's more important after seeing what the visionary created after he gave up matching the muscle man's physique.


Uploaded Dec 13: Uploaded today on my alt account "Wodrolb". It has been 6 years since I last made one of these. Not many people know about them now, but they were a hit while I was at highschool. I know Tomska and Eddsworld were a fan of these vids back when I posted them on Sheezyart, as were many other people! So i made a new one for old times sake.

So that's what I've contributed to Newgrounds Portal this year. Compared to previous years I'd say that's not a bad effort.
I've made a lot of other shit this year too, which can be seen on my youtube account HERE. I do it all for fun, hoping that one day I will get scouted or recognized for something. But I know I haven't made anything worthy of the recognition yet. I just don't want to rely on making video game parodies to get noticed. Even though that's what I did years back, when I made sprite movies. They were just for fun though, I never made a cent out of my parodies.

It should never be about the money. All I've ever wanted was people to appreciate what I do and maybe get a kick out of it. I would of liked to have been even more active, but due to my circumstances at home I've found it tough to stay motivated. It's been a tough year for me and I've doubted myself a lot. I know I am not the only one out there who's feeling the pressure. I've got tonnes of unfinished projects that will probably never see the light of day due to my passion decreasing the more I realize how hard it is to make a living being creative. I do have some faith I will find my niche one day, I don't think it will be in animation to be honest. It is too tedious for me to continue doing. I love using my voice and creating soundtracks more so than animating. I've used my voice in every submission this year! I will figure it out and so will all of you other aspiring passionate people out there. Stick to what you believe in, don't do something cause the crowd does it. Create what resonates within you. We all have something unique to bring to the table.

My new year's plan is to dig deeper and squeeze out the hidden SHIT within me. buahha

Cheers for the support over the years, to the people who loved my old sprite movies, to the people who loved my bitter cartoons, to the staff at NG. Whoever fronts my movies, thankyou. The donation of the wacom tablet that I still use to this day, I've been forever grateful for. If my destiny is not within animation, I will still remember what Newgrounds has done for me! See ya's later :)


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2012-12-13 01:17:15

We love you!!! WE REALLY DO *PEE RAPE*

Blordow responds:



2012-12-13 01:26:50

You've really gotten things done this year.

Blordow responds:

thanks, I did what I could


2012-12-13 06:06:51

More new content then I did ha ha. More entertaining as well.

Blordow responds:

I think I had more free time on my hands than you though :)


2012-12-13 09:20:54

You Did a good Jooorrrrbbb.
I think ur right about the hidden talents shit.
gotta focus on that too

Blordow responds:

we will triumph one day :)


2012-12-13 09:42:18

The old lady from Job Care makes an appearance in the Faces of 2012, if you haven't seen it! NG needs an update to be able to post links in these replies...

Glad to hear the Wacom is still working! It's sad when those break on people and they just stop drawing because they can't get a new one. I gotta revisit getting Wacom to sponsor us for that sort of giveaway, since we can't always buy a bunch.

Also good luck with whatever you end up doing if it isn't animation! As long as you keep making stuff, the path should reveal itself.

Blordow responds:

Yeah I saw that! Was surprised, although I bet no one could really guess who she was, even at first glance I didn't recognize my own character haha.

Cheers Tom, looking forward to contributing more content (whatever it may be) to NG next year and beyond. :)