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New Retro Video Game Music (I need some advice)

Posted by Blordow - December 15th, 2017

Hi guys,

I just put out one of my best video game music tracks I've composed in terms of atmosphere and punch.


I put a lot of love and energy into my music so if you could please listen and tell me what you think I would love that!

On that note I still really want to get into composing for video games again, but I find it hard to find any projects out there that need someone like me on their team. The only offers I get are from people who have little experience making games, and even though so do I, I feel like I am more than capable of providing professional work.

To be honest I've been on a bit of a negative spiral lately, I am trying to stay motivated by releasing my music out there, where as usually I would just keep it on my hard drive thinking one day I would use it for a project or something, but I never end up getting that far.

Also in other news I released a dumb cartoon a month or so ago, probably didn't deserve any attention but some people liked it anyway. Was hoping more eyes would see it, but that's usually the case with everything I make and I end up just doubting myself and the direction I take with my creativity as it is questionable at times.

Well anyway that's my little ramble, if you don't hear from me until the new year, have a good holiday with your loved ones.

Take it easy!


Comments (2)

You've really come along, mate. I can't express how satisfying it was to watch Nonce Binary. You're music, as always, is exceptional and impossible not to vibe to.

Hey man! Good to hear from ya, thanks for the kind and inspired words. Much appreciated!

You definitely deserve more acclaim to your name! Awesome track, tense and mysterious, it has a chiptune style to it with a more modern twist. I like the saw that comes back all the time, as if to remind you there's really something going on here. It's not just background ambience. Varied and ferocious all the way too. Hope you get on that game you deserve! Surely there should be plenty of opportunities with something like this to showcase. Just gotta find the right ones.